" They are awesome, and if you do what they tell you to you can feel great too! Thanks you DOCTOR!”  They are talking about.
– Gloria & Rachel

“ Dr. Marullo  has incredible knowledge, experience and expertise in care of the body as a whole, which produces real and lasting results. His care is very interactive and he generously passes the education on to you to empower you to heal.

Thanks for all you’ve done for me and my brother David!”

“Great work! Dr. Marullo  gave a real thorough diagnosis and explained what was happening in a way that made sense to me. After an initial adjustment and a treatment plan, I felt much better
–L. Marina

Dr. Paul W. Marullo

Dr. Paul W. Marullo  along with our trained staff work together as a team to provide our patients with the highest quality and most comprehensive care available. We offer a range of services extending from complete medical, chiropractic, and pain management care along with exercise rehabilitation.

Most auto insurance companies cover the cost of your care so there are no out of pocket expenses for you.  Pasadena Chiropractic and Rehab accepts third-party assignment of benefits including Attorney Letter of Protection and Personal Injury Protection (P.I.P.).  This allows you to be treated with No out of pocket costs.

Services Provided:

Medical Doctors
Pain Medicine Specialists 
Referral to Orthopedic Surgeons
Referral to Anesthesiologists
Referral for Advanced Diagnostic Testing
Exercise Rehabilitation
Free Transportation
Spanish Speaking Staff

When Medically Necessary We Refer For: 

MRI Testing as well as specialized nerve testing (Neurologist)
Some injuries and conditions obviously require a multiple discipline team treatment approach.

These patients require referrals to the proper specialists (Orthopedic, Neurologist, Anesthesiologists, and others).

What we offer you

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